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If you own a business, we are going to guess that your hope is for that business to be successful. The cold, hard truth is that in order to succeed in the world today, you absolutely have to have a website. Your website absolutely has to be mobile responsive, so that people can easily access, navigate, and use your website from their smart phones and tablets. Any online directory, social media service, and even google’s local search services, and going to require a business address, business phone number, business email, and most importantly a website. It is the digital hub, the digital storefront or office, of your company.

We understand that sometimes your business can’t afford one of our big, beautiful, custom websites with all of the awesome, amazing bells and whistles. That is why we offer a website rental program, through Shift Digital Management. The rental starts at $100/month, and provides your business with a beautiful, one page, scrolling website. There are however, several options you can opt in for, at an additional price. We will get to those features in a moment, but first we need to discuss the most important issues.

Why You Should Not Try To Use A Build-It-Yourself Website Creator

We get it, you think you’re going to save some money and have an amazing, incredible, website. I’ll be honest with you, that is exactly how our lead designer, Shea, got started in this whole business. Someone asked him to build a site “really quick” in one of the most popular do-it-yourself website editors. After hours, and hours, and weeks …of frustration, he switched to another popular Do-It-Yourself website builder. To no avail. Which was where he decided to take web design classes, and 7 years later we are here to offer you this incredible service so that you don’t have to go through all of that. You need to focus your time on the success of your business.

Additional Features Are Available

We do offer add-on features to your website rental, although they are limited in comparison to the features we an offer with one of our full websites. Nonetheless, we offer a very powerful and beautiful responsive website package for our rental websites. If you would like a CMS (content management system) rental, we can offer that as well, however there is a $250 down payment required, then your cost is $100/month thereafter. If you are renting one of our websites, we offer a 20% discount when you upgrade to one of our website package deals.

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