Social Media Management

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Social Media Management

Social Media is an integral part of life today, not only in America but the entire world. People just don’t pay attention to standard advertising as much as they used too. The reason being, they don’t care about what you have to say about your own business, they want to hear what other people are saying about your business. Here’s the catch, they don’t care what people they don’t know are saying about you, either. They want to know what their friends, family, and acquaintances are saying about you. Savvy business owners can utilize social media to their benefit, in a huge way. You just have to accept that it’s important, and make sure you have the right people on your team handling it properly for you. Contact us today for some quotes on our social media management packages.

You’re Not Paying Someone To Post About Their Lunch

One of the most common misconceptions Business Owners and Managers have about social media, is that it’s a bunch of immature children posting about their lunch. While there is are plenty of immature people, and many lunch pictures on social media it plays an extremely important role in current marketing, as well as the future of marketing. Your potential customers are out there, and they don’t care what your advertisements say, so much as what their friends and family are saying about you and your business online. Every extra step that a customer has to take, is another potential chance that you lose their attention and they don’t become a true customer (you know, one that makes you money). When their friends and family are sharing about how much they love your business, it’s quite convenient for them to include a link to your social media profile. However, if a customer makes their way to your profile, only to see there is nothing happening, and no one interacting with it, they will most likely feel like there must be something wrong with your business, otherwise why wouldn’t people interact with your page. The truth is, unless you have experience and training in how to make people notice your social media profiles, they simply aren’t going too. Which is where we come in, however, we need you to answer some questions so we can better help you.

We Want People To Lose Their Minds Over Your Companies Social Media

Please complete this form as much as possible, so we can provide you with the best service possible. It may take a few days to compile a social media plan for your company, however, one of our customer service representatives will be with you shortly.

We Just Need To Know A Little Bit About You

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We Need To Ask A Few Questions

This is so we can better serve you. The more we understand about your company, and your goals for a social media campaign, the more we can customize your plan to optimize the time and money you invest into your brand. We appreciate your scrupulousness in this, as it helps to ensure you are receiving the best service possible. Answers to these questions are all required to complete the form, so please just answer to the best of your ability.

Some Of The Basic Questions

01. What Is Your Brands Overall Purpose?

02. What do you or your company aim to achieve with social media?

03. Who is your target audience?

04. Which social channels do you believe they are using?

05. What topics and sources of information do you feel are most important to them?

06. What events matter to them and their lives?

07. What problems can you help them solve?

08. What jobs can you help them complete?

09. What emotions do you hope to convey through your brand’s images, words, and videos?

10. What are the main topics, categories or messages that support your brand?

11. Does the thought of utilizing social media for customer service interest you?

12. What realistic resources do we have to work with, for content (images, words, videos)?

13. How will this Social Media marketing interact with other forms of marketing you're currently doing?

Demographic Information

14. What Does Your Company Do/Sell?

15. What tone are you expecting from our team when we post on your behalf?


16. Which gender are you targeting?


17. What is the general income of your target client?

$0-$50K$50K-$100K$100K-$150K$150K+All Of The Above

18. What is the general education level of your target client?

No CollegeSome CollegeCollege GradDoesn't Matter

19. Who would you say your 3 biggest competitors are?

20. How does your organizations measure success, or what is your measurement of success & could you please describe what that success will look like?

21. Is your company currently optimizing for any specific keywords?

Your Company Social Media

22. Does your company/brand currently have a Facebook Business Page?

23. Does your company/brand currently have a Twitter account for the business?

24. Does your company currently have an instagram account?

25. Does your company currently have a google plus account?

26. Does your company currently have a LinkedIn account?

27. Does your company currently have a Blog?

About Your Brand

28. Please select any of the words that describe the characteristics of your brand.


29. Does your company have a tagline or slogan?

(if not, make one up that you feel fits best)

Your Partners and Affiliates

30. Are there any companies that your company works with, or does business with that you would like to make sure you're connected with on your social media channels?

31. Are there any companies or organizations that you do NOT want to be connect with on social media?

32. Are there any subjects, business industries, or organization industries (sports, boating, geocaching, etc) that you would like us to connect your business with on social media?

Your Company Milestones

33. What is a 3 month milestone your company would like to see through your social media?

34. What is a 6 month milestone your company would like to see through your social media?

35. What is a One Year milestone your company would like to see through your social media?

Contact Persons

36. Who will be our primary contact person (s)?

37. Will you please provide their contact information?

38. How would you like us to respond in the face of spammy, or malicious postings or comments toward your company on social media?

Please respond for usPlease contact us before respondingPlease just let us respondOther

Why A Budget Is Important

Social Media Management is an ongoing process. It isn't a one-time deal. This is because your customers are constantly wanting to interact with one another, and you and your business, constantly. Every day, every minute, every week. As such, there is no one-time price on a service like this. We are currently structuring some Social Media Management package deals, however, until those are finished, we are offering to structure a plan that work around your budget. In doing so, we obviously need to know what kind of a monthly budget your business can come up with to put toward bettering your company's social media presence and customer interaction.