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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is about a lot more than cramming keywords and snagging up a few links.  SEO is about proving to the Search Engines that your website is the absolute best choice to display to their searchers for the keywords you are wanting to rank for. This is managed through exhaustive efforts both On your website, and every else on the web.

On Site SEO at Shift Digital Management

The Search Engine Optimization Specialists at Shift Digital Management have extensive knowledge and the most advanced SEO tools in the world at our disposal, and we are standing by to help your website kick some serious butt. Our Search Engine Optimization Services begin within your website, we will thoroughly Audit your website for Search Engine Optimization and User Experience, and lay out a realistic plan with realistic obtainable goals, yielding huge results for your business.

Off Site SEO at Shift Digital Management

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, the information about your business everywhere that is not your website, as actually just as important as the information on your website. Controlling the information about your website around the internet is a daunting, exhausting, and time consuming task. Without the proper tools, it’s nearly impossible to do it correctly. At Shift Digital Management we have the tools and experience to control the information about your business around the internet.


Here’s How We Handle Your Off Site SEO


We can monitor and control the online reviews about your company, throughout the internet. We accomplish this with the technology provided to us through our affiliates at Yext. We also have services to help you organize, increase, and optimize real reviews from your customers on all of your important listings throughout the internet. In addition, we can help your company deal with negative reviews to ensure that they no longer negatively impact you business name and website online.

Popular Websites

We can monitor where your business is listed across the largest, and smallest, websites throughout the internet, and create and optimize the information about your website on these websites, and link them back to your business website. Through our affiliation with Yext, we can get your website listed on over 70 of the most popular websites in existence, in 3 days. In addition, we an help to link the information from the listings to your website to create a stronger keyword impact on the search engines.

Social Media Engagement

We can help you create and manage content to encourage public interaction on your social media accounts. Google and other popular search engines are constantly monitoring your “social footprint”, which is how the public is interacting with your company social media accounts. We have several methods of increasing the public interaction with your social media accounts, which will in turn boost your placement in the search rankings.

We Are White Hat SEO Specialists

At Shift Digital Management we practice only “White Hat” Search Engine Optimization practices, which means we only use methods that are fully approved and encouraged by Google and all of the major search engines. This helps us to ensure that your website isn’t ever going to be punished by Google, which can happen when improper SEO practices are used to boost a website’s rankings.

Why You Shouldn’t Choose A company Making Dramatic Promises

If an “SEO” Company is promising you that they can snag you a #1 ranking in 30 days, it is probably wise to steer clear of allowing them to work on your website. The reason is that Google doesn’t really like to see a website climb the ranks that fast, especially if there is a lot of competition over the keywords. Generally, if a company can make these kinds of promises, they re using what is referred to as Black Hat SEO techniques, and they can yield very dramatic positive results, very quickly; however, when they are caught (and they always get caught) your website and your company will be punished, regardless of whether you knew what was going on or not.

Prices and Packages

SEO Roots Program:

  • This is the best place to start an SEO plan, for most companies. Especially if you haven’t had much, any, or even proper SEO roots started for your company. This plan requires a 6 month contract and is meant to establish a foundation both on your website and off your website to ensure that a solid Search Engine Optimization foundation is built.

Corporate SEO Program:

  • This is our most aggressive and expansive program, and we generally reserve this for companies with over 100 employees, and multiple locations. This requires several additional levels of research and implementation of a search engine optimization campaign to ensure that a thorough and complete effort is executed. This requires additional resources and long term goals. Please contact us if you are interested in this program, and we can provide you a custom quote.

Free SEO Audit

In order to help you to the fullest, we need to know some things about your website. You see, this is not an exact science, it is very much an art, and the more information we can gather about your website, how it was built, how search engines are recognizing the content of your website, who is linking to your website, etc, the more clearly we can help your business rank better. We provide an SEO audit of your website completely free, and we absolutely require this step if you are interested in our Search Engine Optimization Services.

Customer Testimonies

“Shift Digital Management has helped both within our website and through the internet to control and optimize our company information. We set up a conference and discussed which keywords were most important to our business, and we have gone from not even appearing in the results to page one, the first search result for most of our keywords! We are excited to continue pushing for number one for all of our keywords!”

Beautifeye Day Spa

Our office is an integration of practitioners from several modalities working together, which makes increasing our rankings in the search engines rather complex. Shift Digital Management has helped us to redesign our website to boost our SEO. They provided us with reports and updates throughout the process and also helped us to organize the information about our business throughout the web. We are very happy with the results we’ve seen and are continuing to see!

Healing Horizons Integrated Health Solutions

Our website was built several years ago, and we were already ranking well for some keywords, and not at all for others. However, we didn’t really have an idea what was ranking and what wasn’t, we didn’t know where to start. Shift Digital Management came in and created a thorough analysis of what keywords our website was ranking for, and helped us identify areas that needed a stronger presence. We are definitely happy with what we’ve seen so far!

Vortex Depollution

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