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About Shift Digital Management

Shift Digital Management is a Web Based company out of Western Colorado. Our team is made up of creative professionals from across the board, all with several years of experience in their respective fields. Our goal is to create as much of a local-based, one-stop-shop online experience for businesses and individuals as possible. We aim to create a competitive experience to bigger web companies you may have heard of, or even tried before.

Our Mission

At Shift Digital Management, our mission is simple: create the most pleasant, honest, and competitive web experience for our clients as possible. So many web based companies make their living off of exaggeration, and lack of honesty. They over promise and under deliver, which is exactly the opposite of our goals. We will give you the honest answers about your web products, even if it’s not what you want to hear. However, we will always provide you with the highest quality possible.

Our Values

As a company, Shift Digital Management believes in honesty in all of our work. So many companies try to hook your business with empty promises and brash exaggerations that no one could accomplish. We won’t make you lavish promises. Anything in this industry takes time, and costs money, that’s just the truth of it. However, we promise to make good use of your time, and only charge fair rates for out high quality work.

website design grand junction colorado
website design grand junction colorado

Website Design

At Shift Digital Management we pride ourselves on the quality of our web design. Each and every one of our websites are hand designed, with your company’s brand in mind the entire time. Our designers have years of experience, with the knowledge and skill to build your business a beautiful, cutting-edge, modern, fully responsive website, to keep you up with the times. Did you know that over 50% of business related searches today are done through a smart-phone? That means if your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you’re missing out on an immense amount of business. Even if you can’t afford a giant, beautiful, customized website, we do provide website rentals and payment plans, it’s extremely important that you get your business online, so contact us today!

wordpress help grand junction co

WordPress Rescue

No one and nothing is perfect, we get that. Maybe you built a wordpress site yourself (congrats!) or you had someone build it for you. Either way, open source software isn’t perfect, and generally speaking, the margin for error with programs like WordPress is rather large. In any case, if your wordpress website is crashing, or having issues, we’ve got you covered. We can assess the situation and give you an estimate within twenty four hours of contacting us. We wish we could give you a better time estimate, right here on the website, but these things all have their own unique variables. Our web development team is highly experienced and has the knowledge and experience to fix just about any WordPress Issue, that is repariable. Contact us today, and explain your situation, we are happy to provide you with a free quote.

website rentals grand junction co

Website Rentals

It’s common knowledge that every business needs a website in order to actually exist in today’s world. However, this can pose as a serious issue for new businesses, or small businesses that aren’t making much profit yet. Often times, a business owner is enticed by the advertisements of the Do-It-Yourself website companies. They convince you that it’s easy, and cheap to have a beautiful, functional website. The truth is, if you don’t have the training and experience to understand website design, branding, development, and how the psychology behind how the human brain interprets information, you’re website is going to be far less than par, and your customers will associate that lack of quality with the rest of your business. We can provide your business with a beautiful, professional, responsive, one page, scrolling website for as low as $100/month. Contact us today for more details.

company branding grand junction colorado


Branding is often the biggest  botch that business owners make. Your brand is the most important message your  business communicates to your customers, potential customers, and your competitors. Your brand defines your company’s quality, promise, and identity. Your brand is how the rest of the world identifies your business, and how they remember you. Your brand is your the imagery, the colors, the verbiage, and the emotion you use in everything that represents your business. From logos, to fonts, to ads, your website, social media, and even your radio ads and video commercials, we can handle all of your branding right here at Shift Digital Management.

photography grand junction co


The imagery you use in your website, social media, and advertising, is all a part of your company branding. If your company isn’t using high quality professional imagery, you’re sending the wrong message to your potential customers and customers. If you just steal images from a Google Search, you’re going to get sued. Those images are all copyright protected. In general, you have two options when it comes to finding professional, legal, imagery for your business; you can purchase stock images, or you can hire a professional photographer. Stock images can be great for a quick fix, however, you’re generally looking at around $10/image, or more, for an image any other business owner can also own. We work with highly professional, and affordable photographers, ready to come in and take custom images of your business. When you hire one of our professional photographers, you’re looking at paying around half what you pay for a stock image. Contact us today, let’s get your business custom imagery that properly presents your business.

seo icon

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is absolutely frightening for business owners, we get it. So many companies out there with huge promises and little payoff. No empty, crazy promises here at Shift Digital Management, just hard work, honest reports, and real, steady results. Our experts can fully audit the search engine optimization of your website and your business, and help you create a plan to optimize your business online that fits your budget and goals. Just remember, nothing happens overnight. If any of these companies found the secret to making a business number one overnight, for cheap, they would be Zillionaires and wouldn’t need your business! Contact us today and we will perform an SEO audit of your website, completely free!

website reconstruction grand junction co

Website RE-Design

Do you already have a website, and hate it? Don’t worry! You don’t necessarily have to completely rebuild the website, we are now offering website redesigns, which means we take the content that already exists on your website, and move it all onto one of our beautiful, modern, responsive websites, for you. This allows us to build you a website, without involving photographers and content writers, etc. It’s basically a website lobotomy, a website transplant. We are happy to provide you with this service, contact us today for more information, and a quote.

reputation management grand junction co

Reputation Management

The internet is a beautiful thing, or it can be. However, as with most technology, every pro also has it’s con. A single angry customer can do incredible damage to a business, online, whether it was truly the business’s fault or not. Websites like Yelp, YellowPages, Facebook, etc, can be very damaging to a business’s reputation. If you are the victim of such circumstances, there is no need to freak out, we are here for you. Shift Digital Management is trained and has experience in helping mediate between your business, the disgruntled customer, and the websites that allow them to leave these terrible reviews. We can help you analyze the situation, assess the damage, and prevent any further damage to your business reputation. In addition, we can help collect positive information about your business, and ensure that is shown proudly across the web. Contact us today for more details.

graphic design grand junction co

Graphic Design

If you need posters, cards, signs, brochures, and more, we can handle all of your graphic design needs here at Shift Digital Management. Our team of graphic designers are highly experienced designers, and we can handle everything from concept to printing for you. Although there are several online options that claim they can handle all of your needs, that you can design your print products yourself, we don’t suggest it. The reason being, that the do-it-yourself software they provide does not compensate for lack of graphic design concepts, and therefore (generally speaking) most of the items you try to create yourself are going to be less than ideal, and you will be paying for a product that not only are you unhappy with, but also a product that does not properly represent the quality and integrity of your business. Contact us today, we are happy to provide you with a custom quote.

motion graphics grand junction co

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is not something that most business owners think about. However, if you saw our explainer video on the website, you’ll understand the power that motion graphics can have. For most businesses, we can utilize motion graphics to create an explainer video, which is an animated video explaining to your customers and potential customers why they need your product or service. These videos are one of the absolute most effective ways of reaching a broad sized audience, and they are like the atomic bomb of advertising right now. If you are interested in how motion graphics videos can help your business, contact us today.

social media grand junction co

Social Media Management

Social Media is an integral part of life today, not only in America but the entire world. People just don’t pay attention to standard advertising as much as they used too. The reason being, they don’t care about what you have to say about your own business, they want to hear what other people are saying about your business. Here’s the catch, they don’t care what people they don’t know are saying about you, either. They want to know what their friends, family, and acquaintances are saying about you. Savvy business owners can utilize social media to their benefit, in a huge way. You just have to accept that it’s important, and make sure you have the right people on your team handling it properly for you. Contact us today for some quotes on our social media management packages.

content management system grand junction co

Content Management System

Do you need a website with back end user access? Do you want the ability for yourself or your employees to access and edit the website after it is built? Shift Digital Management can build you a content management website, with all of the features your business requires. Our websites are always beautiful, and fully responsive. Prices can vary, depending on the features that your business website requires. Contact us today for more information, or visit our content management system calculator, so you can get a rough estimate of what your website will cost.

website development grand junction co

Website Development

Having a beautiful website is only half of the battle, you need a dedicated team of developers behind the scenes to provide you with all of the proper functionality. We are fortunate enough to have top notch developers on our team at Shift Digital Management. All of our website developers have years of experience in website development. If you already know some of the features you will need included on your website, feel free to browse our website development calculator, to get a better idea of how much your website will cost.

videography grand junction colorado


With the rise of youtube, and Facebook video, creating video based content is more important than it ever has been. People are several times more likely to actually pay attention to posts and information based in video format. Here’s the catch, it can’t just be any video. You need to present them with sharp, full HD video, properly formatted and presented in a way thats easy for their brains to absorb and interact with. If you really want to boost your customer interaction (which leads to increased sales, immensely), than you need to be creating high quality video content for your customers and potential customers to view and interact with. We have a team of highly experienced videographers and video editors, and one of the best Creative Concept Teams in Western Colorado. Shift Digital Management can handle your video needs from start to play.

audio recording and editing grand junction colorado

Audio Recording/Editing

Quality audio is a integral part of advertising, although it is often not thought about. Did you know that if you’re releasing any type of video on Facebook, Youtube, or even your own website, that if you don’t own the copyright to the music you’re using, you can be sued, or your video will simply be deleted. Imagine a video without music, boring right? That would be like a radio commercial with just some guy talking about his product or service, without music. Boring. We can create royalty free music, for your video and radio advertising. In addition, we can create professional jingles, and we even have voice talents for your radio commercials and video voiceovers. Contact us today, let us know what you need, and we are happy to provide you with a customized quote.