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Responsive Websites

Our focus at Shift Digital Management is to provide affordable options for your business needs, while still keeping the quality of our products high. Having an attractive, functioning, purposeful and fully responsive website is crucial for any and every business, nowadays. There really isn’t any way out of it, it would be like not having a physical location for your business. The truth of the matter is that there is just no such thing as an “inexpensive, quality” website. A quality website is a representation of not only your business, but you and everyone that works for and owns the business. While we can’t promise cheap websites, we can promise that we provide several affordable options to ensuring the your business has a high quality, beautiful, responsive, fully functional website. Contact us today!

Grand Junction Website Design

About Our Websites

We believe that a website should properly communicate a companies values, and quality to their customers. You take pride in your business name, any physical assets of your business, and the quality of your product or service. In that same spirit of quality, your website should tell your customers everything they need to know about your business: that you’re affordable, you’re approachable, and you provide the highest quality. At Shift Digital Management, it is our mission to communicate these values to your customers, competitors, and potential customers.

Grand Junction Search Engine Optimization

Free SEO Audit

The world of Search Engine optimization can be scary, overwhelming, and frustrating. While there is no way to make guarantees or promises (in an honest business, which we are) in the world of Search Engine Optimization, we can at least create a road map for you on how your business can thrive in online listings. Shift Digital Management will provide an SEO audit of your website, and set up an campaign to fully optimize your business website, completely free. Should you choose Shift Digital Management for your Search Engine Optimization needs, any website design and management clients of ours will receive special discounts and deals on our SEO services.

Grand Junction Website Payment Plans

Website Payment Plans

Whether you’re a startup, a small business, or just a business needing a little help getting off the ground or getting your feet back on the ground, we have several website options and website payment options for you to choose from. At Shift Digital Management, our primary concern is ensuring that you have a QUALITY website, so that you can do what you do best, which is make your customers happy. Our payment plans start as small as $50/month, so please do not hesitate to call us today to so we can help you get your business online, where you can thrive.

Feeling Frustrated?

Are you frustrated that your website isn’t as “Stunning”, “Simple”, or as “Set Apart” as you were promised? Do-It-Yourself Websites and Companies advertise that you can have an absolutely beautiful website, and that it is cheap and easy. The truth is, it just isn’t so, not by a long shot. Design-It-Yourself website companies can be a great thing, if you have the time, talent, and knowledge to truly dedicate to your website. However, if you don’t have any web design experience, and more importantly if you don’t have up-to-date web design experience, you need to leave this to a professional, so you can focus on what you do, which is make your customers happy.

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Shift Digital Management 

We Provide Affordable Website Options

At Shift Digital Management Company, we provide high-end, high-functioning, Cutting-edge, Mobile-Responsive websites. We have delivered successful web projects for handfuls of companies over the years, and our team consists of several highly qualified and experienced designers, developers, photographers, videographers, and more.

Our mission is to deploy and provide high-quality websites for companies of every size. Whether you’re a start-up company, just trying to get off the ground, or a Multi-National Enterprise, needing to completely revamp your branding, we can provide you with the best quality website available, at competitive prices. There truly is no project too big, or small, for Shift Digital Management.

We value your dedication to your business and make it our priority to ensure that your company’s values, products, services, and quality are made clear for the world to see.

Please don’t sell yourself short, and try to make a professional looking website, with a free website builder. The old saying, “You Get What You Pay For” could never be truer than when we talk about your company website.

Allow us to create a beautiful, affordable website for you. When you choose Shift Digital Management, you’re not paying for someone to sit behind a computer and throw around a bunch of pretty colors. You’re paying for dedication, for quality. You’re paying someone to truly understand your business, and to spend the time and focus necessary that your website communicates your message to every single person the visits.

That Is What We Mean When We Say, QUALITY.


I know that you came here hoping for a number, just a number to wrap your brain around. However, putting a price tag on something like a website requires more than a mere passing thought. There is a lot of work, time, and focus that goes into properly showcasing your business’s quality on the web, so while some of our options are very straight forward, we will most likely need to gather more information about your business, budget, and your unique needs before we can get an accurate price quote. However, here are some of our website options available to you.


A beautiful, completely customized 5-10 page website, completely mobile responsive, with client editing capabilities.


A completely custom website, you can edit yourself, built from the ground up. This includes up to five beautiful, mobile responsive pages.


A beautiful one page, scrolling website, with all of your company’s important information. This is our most basic plan, get your business online with a beautiful new website.

What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

Dr. April Schulte-Barclay

Healing Horizons Integrated Solutions

Before working with Shea from Shift Digital Management, I didn’t really put much thought into my website. I had one of the girls from the office build our website, and I always felt like it was “ok”, but not anything I was really proud of. Shift Digital Management came in and redesigned our website, and now it’s beautiful, and I feel like it competes with any of my major competitors out there, and then some! The prices are affordable, they work quickly and communicate really well. Truly a very pleasant web company to work with.

Nicole Fuller

My Harmony Event Planning

Shea, from Shift Digital Management, helped us build a brand new website, from the ground up. He sat down and helped us update our branding, and ensured that every aspect of our website had a purpose and a focus. We had spoken with other local web design companies, and they all felt a little generic, we needed someone that would take the time to sit down and creatively analyze our business and help us communicate with potential brides. In the wedding planning business, it’s all about appearance, and Shift Digital Management built us a beautiful website, that ranks well in the search engines and works well on all devices. We love them.

Jordan Allen

Robyn Allen Photography

Shift Digital Management is a terrible choice, if you’re looking for a cookie cutter company that will take your money and not really meet your needs. HOWEVER, if you’re looking for someone to take the time to understand your business, and put the proper branding techniques in place to ensure that your company is perfectly represented online, than Shift Digital Management is absolutely who you need to contact. They went above and beyond, and went out of their way to help my build the perfect website for my wife’s photography company. I think it’s great that Shea takes the time to work on even the smallest company websites, as well as large, interational corporate websites. Great company, talented designers, and websites that work!

Adam Kopfman

Tip Top Cakes

Shift Digital Management, took my self-built website and turned it into a beautiful work of art. I make art every day, I build intricate wedding cakes, and I needed to properly showcase my work. Shea from Shift Digital Management came in and did just that. I can’t TELL you how often I get compliments on how amazing my website is. My work is already amazing, and I didn’t need help bringing in more sales, but this website definitely proudly shows my work. I couldn’t be happier with the product they provided me, or their prices

Laurie Howell

Sorter Construction

We needed a new website, and Shift came to the rescue. I was put in charge of creating our new website and I felt like it was all way over my head. I contacted Shea and he sat down and walked us through the entire process. This company is swift, and professional, and creative. My favorite part was that the website doesn’t look like just another website, it really was hand designed specifically for our business. When it comes to this sort of thing, our company truly believes that you get what you pay for, and we are happy with the quality work we paid for and received. We are extremely satisfied with our website!

Scott Shortess

Black Top Magic

I own several small companies, and when I needed a website for my asphalt repair business, Shea was who I called. Shift Digital Management help us create our new logo, edit our photos, and more. The website was custom designed for our business and myself and my business partner are super happy with the website. I’ve been able to bring in so much work, simply because my website looks so professional. It really helped set me apart from my competitors in this business. Your website is a reflection of not only your business, but your own personal character. I would hire this company again, tomorrow.

Levi Gallegos

Telluride Memories

I knew Shea prior to working with him on our website, but I knew he was a good designer. My boss told me we needed a complicated website, but we didn’t have a huge budget to get it done. Shea sat down and figured out how to give us a beautiful website, while still keeping things within our budget. His turnaround time was pretty quick, and he took the time to train us on how to use our website. I would highly suggest this company.

Nicci Cox

My Harmony Event Planning

Our company needed a new website. We needed it to be beautiful, and dynamic, and responsive and I truly feel like they nailed it. We are actually looking forward to having them come in and do even more redesigning on some new aspects of the website. What really sold it to me is that they really do customize the website to optimally display your business. It isn’t just some dime a dozen website, like I’ve seen with so many of the bigger, more well-known website design companies. I suggest this company 100%.

Randy Tuell

White Mountain Operating

We had tried and tried to get someone in the office to build a website for us and it kept going wrong. We were never happy or satisfied with the websites the do-it-yourself companies could offer. Shea came in and redesigned our website, completely, from the ground up. Not only that, when we needed to switch our website hosting, and our entire company email, Shea came in and helped us do all of that. Shift Digital Management has been extremely easy to work with, and very helpful. We would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Steve Finske

Alpha SFT

We had trouble with several well-known web hosting and website design companies. We were being vastly over charged and not receiving quality service, at all. When we tried to cancel our account, these companies made it extremely difficult and dodged their way out of allowing us to cancel, and were still trying to find ways to take our money. Shea came in and dealt with the company for us. Then, Shea built a brand new awesome website for us. A year later, the company we were hosting with deleted our entire website for a payment miscommunication, Shea came in and saved the day, again. He built a brand new website for us, and Shift Digital Management hosts our new website now. We switched our email to them as well. We are extremely satisfied with our service.

Our Website Payment Plans

A website is a big investment, we understand that. When you look at the prices, it can feel a bit intimidating. It’s important to remember that much like a physical office or warehouse building, this is an investment that absolutely necessary for your business the thrive. An office building can cost a business several hundred to several thousand dollars per month, but it can bring in exponentially more in income. Your website represents not only your business, but your character. For a customer who has never heard of you (and it’s important to assume that most of them haven’t) your website is how they will identify all of the most important aspects of your business and you.

We Have Affordable Options Available

If you are unable to afford one of our website packages up front, we do offer a few options to help you afford one of our beautiful, responsive, cutting-edge websites. Some of our website plans start as small as $100/month. Before you run to a “do-it-yourself” website, which we promise you won’t be satisfied with, and will take up precious time you could be dedicating to your business, please visit our payment plan options.